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These flower bed luminaire is a combination of low height tube. These luminaries offer shielded glare free illumination of ground surface and are perfect for illuminating entrances, footpaths as well
as garden and landscape architecture.

Technical Specifications
 Luminaire made of MS tube with die-cast aluminium components and non corrosive SS fasteners.
 Luminaire is provided with translucent acrylic diffuser to throw downward lighting.
 MS mounting plate for bolting onto a foundation.
 Cable entries for through-wiring of mains supply cable.
 Integral power supply
 Earth connection
 Safety class I
 Protection class IP 65
 CE – Conformity mark
 Suitable for operation on 240V, 50Hz single phase ac supply.

Product Benefits
 High luminous efficiency at reduced wattage.
 Elegant, Robust design
 Dark sky compliant protects pedestrians from glare, in addition to preventing spill light above the horizontal plane.
 Sustainable LED technology offers durability and optimal light output with low power consumption.

Area of Application
Suitable for Residential & Public areas for Illuminating Driveways, Pathways, Flowerbeds, Entrances, Squares, Gardens and as well as landscape architecture.

Available Finish
Pure polyester powder coated Graphite grey / Black.

Catalogue Page
ID Wattage Dimension Mounting IES Photometry
5590 6W LED WW,CW,NW Sq.150 x 1000mm


Detailed Foundation Drawing

5440 12W LED WW,CW,NW Sq.150 x 1000mm


Detailed Foundation Drawing