Prince Orna Midi

An elegant and efficient lantern with translucent diffuser provide a unique, comfortable light choice with symmetrical and glare free light distribution. Aesthetically designed sturdy construction ensures a long life against all weather condition, maintaining initial performances through the lifetime of the installation.

Technical Specifications
 The luminaire comprises of specially contoured spun aluminium top cover with circular polycarbonate capping spacer and ventilating knob.
 Lamp compartment encased in non-yellowing translucent UV stabilised perpex prism diffuser, aesthetically enhanced with ornamental spiral strip.
 Die cast aluminium spigot base with aluminium alloy of low copper content for effective corrosion resistance.
 Suitable for mounting on 50mm OD pipe.
 Cable entries for through-wiring of mains supply cable
 Integral power supply for LED.
 Protection class IP54
 CE – Conformity mark
 Suitable for operation on 240V, 50Hz single phase ac supply.

Product Benefits
 Elegance, Functionality.
 Environmental friendly.
 Dark sky compliant protects pedestrians from glare, in addition to preventing spill light above the horizontal plane.

Area of Application
Illuminating parks, Gardens, commercial complex, Pathways in residential buildings & office complex.

Available Finish
Pure polyester powder coated Black.

Catalogue Page
ID Wattage Dimension Mounting IES Photometry
4984 33W LED WW,CW,NW, Translucent Ø450 x 580mm D1
5087 E27 Holder (Max.17W LED / 23W CFLE), Translucent Ø450 x 580mm D1